tiefdunklesweiss - the Brand.

herausfordernd. unbequem. anders.

With all his passion for tolerance and diversity and driven by his strong conviction that real answers and solutions are never black or white only, Andreas Hartmann found his motivation to develop a new consultancy and professional services brand.

tiefdunklesweiss aims for multidisciplinarity and complementarity and measures its own success against a scale of relevance and objectivity.

The brand name - tiefdunklesweiss - will create curiosity and creativity, contains refreshing contrariness, stimulate thinking and ask for your personal interpretation.

Self-image and Commitment.

Escaping your cognitive Prison.

„„Think outside the box!“. Effective approach to real creativity, or just a paradox predetermined to failure?

Whoever is searching for new ideas, creative solutions or real innovation might soon recognize: I’m reaching my own personal limitations, seems there is no way to think outside my box.

It is far more effective to utilize the experiences and background of other - the “Other’s Boxes” principle.

tiefdunklesweiss believes in the values of collective creativity and innovation. As your consultant and partner we accompany you and your team on a journey towards new solutions and successes.

Our brand claim is herausfordernd.unbequem.anders.

This is what we offer to be for you:
Your challenging, sometimes uncomfortable, but always different partner.

Topics, Competences and Services.

People. Processes. Technologies.

tiefdunklesweiss, a modern consultancy and professional services brand and company, structures it’s services offering into four strong segments:

Each of these segments has a social and an emotional dimension. Those dimensions always address the interaction between the human being, the surrounding processes and technologies involved. It’s all about growing complexities and the need to master them.

tiefdunklesweiss acts as your comprehensive consultant, accompanies your projects and defines a new level of professional services quality.

tiefdunklesweiss addresses companies and organizations that innovate, develop, produce and maintain products and services which are outstanding and always comply with highest requirements.

As such, these organizations have to permanently develop and improve themselves as well.

tiefdunklesweiss traditionally focusses on companies from the international security and defense industry, but also on those industries that provide similar complex and challenging products. In addition, tiefdunklesweiss also directly works with governmental organizations and representatives.

Impulse. Consulting. Workshop.

Corporate Change. Focus on People.

Acting as an unconventional consultant and as a provider of relevant seminars and workshops, tiefdunklesweiss aligns and tailors all of its offerings and events to the individual goals and realities of all its customers. All offerings reflect best and proven practices, which are always challenged, and generate concrete value.

tiefdunklesweiss supports current and future customer within the following topics:

  • Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • Brand-, Marketing- and Sales- Strategies
  • Innovation- and Technology- Management
  • Systems Engineering and Project-Management
  • Organizational Development


Focus on People – taking this credo and self-conception serious, tiefdunklesweiss act as a strong impulse generator, a refreshing communicator and a personal coach.

Developing new competencies and self-motivated change, that is what we aim to create and sustain.

tiefdunklesweiss enhances the competences and capabilities spectrum of its founder and Managing Director Andreas Hartmann by a professional network of external consultants and subject matter experts.

This professional network merges a brilliant portfolio of personality, experience and skills and convince with superior flexibility and agility. The name of this strong network is tiefdunklesweiss Beraterwerk.

Beraterwerk insures that all tiefdunklesweiss services offer the promised level of multidisciplinarity and complementarity. It allows tiefdunklesweiss to serve all customer projects in an integral and comprehensive manner.

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Systems. Simulation. Training.

Mastering Complexity. Mastering Missions.

tiefdunklesweiss has tremendous experience and a strong competence in modern Modeling, Simulation & Training solutions and services.

Combining superior expert knowledge with proven and valid experience, adding real and relevant innovations and searching for an honest and open dialog with customers and end-users - that is what generates the necessary success factors for developing and maintaining tailored and best-for-purpose training solutions.

These training systems generate Mission Readiness – the ability to master complexity and to successfully perform the most challenging missions.

tiefdunklesweiss is your partner of choice for all tasks related to requirements analysis, systems design and specification, and project leadership and integration.

Promoting and supporting the utilization of highly interactive and configurable simulation environments, enriched by powerful means for visualization and data analysis, tiefdunklesweiss offers an ideal enabler providing superior support in a wide spectrum of analytical and conceptual tasks.

The concept underpinned by tiefdunklesweiss is well-known in the simulation community - CD&E – Concept Development & Experimentation.

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Security. Protection. Defence.

Protected Societies.

The fatal consequences that a natural or man-made disaster or terrorist attack could imply on a single region or on the world in a global scale becomes more observable, real and scary than ever before.

Emergency preparedness and superior crisis management capabilities are mandatory to local governments, global security organizations, but also to those industries serving our societies with critical infrastructures and services.

Besides increasing organizations ability of working together and sharing resources, the education and training of the involved personnel becomes paramount:

tiefdunklesweiss develops and implement simulation-based concepts and solutions for future education and training in the public safety and security environment.

Military organizations are in the center of an ongoing and often painful transformation process. The consequent use of simulations and simulators will become crucial for the development, preserve and perfection of Mission Readiness.

According to this self-conception and as an independent, sometimes inconvenient partner and consultant, tiefdunklesweiss offers a wide spectrum of intelligent and focused services, always promoting the consequent application of Modeling & Simulation.

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Andreas Hartmann

Personality. Mentor. Engineer.

Industry expert and experienced leader in simulation and training for defense forces and aviation industries

People leadership through talent acquisition, diversity and teamwork

Technology leadership for complex and international research and development projects

Market leadership by combining visionary power with customer focus

tiefdunklesweiss Beraterwerk

Personality. Competence. Experience.

tiefdunklesweiss is a modern hybrid enterprise formed out of a strong and focused corporate nucleus - tiefdunklesweiss GmbH - and a strong and professionally managed competence and consultancy network - tiefdunklesweiss Beraterwerk.

tiefdunklesweiss Beraterwerk merges a very distinct and well selected portfolio of impressive personality and competencies together and stands for highest agility and flexibility. As such, Beraterwerk provide and secure the desired and promised high level of multidisciplinarity and complementarity, broadens tiefdunklesweiss‘ competence and services portfolio and advances an integral and comprehensive handling of each individual customer project.

As a network manager, tiefdunklesweiss GmbH develop and lead Beraterwerk by the means of consequent talent and resource management. Additionally, tiefdunklesweiss GmbH performs the strategic positioning and marketing of Beraterwerk, lead and guide all work and quality related planning, decision making and quality assurance efforts and provide support to all partners of Beraterwerk via a back-office function.

Beraterwerk’s portfolio of partners, individually and purposeful teamed-up, support the full services offering spectrum of tiefdunklesweiss GmbH. It creates significant width and depth and insures an holistic and comprehensive execution of all customer projects.

Combining Talent. Generating Value.

All partners used their past contribution in leading industries and organizations to gain extensive and serious management and leadership experiences and very distinct subject matter expert competencies. Also, most of the partners share a passion and solid background in modelling & simulation and its wide field of applications. Partner of Beraterwerk come from the following industries and organizations

  • Aviation and Automotive
  • Defence and Security
  • Government and Defence/Military
  • Public Safety & Security

Being proud members of tiefdunklesweiss Beraterwerk, partners combine their talents, competencies and experiences, to the full benefit of tiefdunklesweiss customers. Equally important and satisfying: they support each other, balance workload and act as a real team of equals.

The resulting benefits for both parties, customers as well as partners in Beraterwerk, are obvious:

  • competence and experience „On-Demand“
  • agility, flexibility and short response times
  • multidisciplinary and complementary contributions
  • tailor-made project teams
  • quality improvement and risk reduction
  • responsibility for large and complex projects
  • one single POC and contracting partner

tiefdunklesweiss of America.

Market. Engagement. Integration

Having more than 19 million residents, Florida is one of the most populated and richest states in the USA. Additionally, Florida is one of the strongest economic regions of the world.

More than 250 german companies have successfully founded their subsidiaries in Florida. They participate and benefit from a sustainable strength in economy sectors like aerospace, security and defence, renewable energies and medical-/bio-technologies.

tiefdunklesweiss of America, a 100 % subsidiary of german tiefdunklesweiss GmbH, will settle-down in Orlando, Florida.

Florida is the home of the american defence and security industry. Almost every company serving this branch is settled down in Florida, operating significant development and production facilities. Orlando is also the home of a world leading university and technology campus and the undisputed center of competence for modelling & simulation and simulation based training.

tiefdunklesweiss of America will also benefit from the close neighborhood to Orlando-based Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI). PEO STRI is the central Organisation of the U.S. Army and its Center of Excellence for procurement and operation of simulations-based test and training systems.

Transatlantic Enabler.

tiefdunklesweiss of America will

  • anchor tiefdunklesweiss as a brand and company on the US – market
  • become a strong competence and project partner of the US industries
  • develop a strong transatlantic competence and cooperation network
  • resume responsibility for representing and positioning of companies both side the Atlantic
  • support US companies with business development services in Germany and Europe

(starting 2016)


Executive Board

Andreas Hartmann

Consulting and Engineering Services
Experienced Leader and Manager
Market- and Customer Focus
Innovation and Business Development
Research and Development
Modeling, Simulation and Training

Tanja Hartmann

Accounting, Controlling, Finance
Legal and Contracting
Organisational Development
Human Resources
Product- und Project Management

Head Office

tiefdunklesweiss GmbH

Wurmbenden 14
52531 Übach-Palenberg

Telefon +49 (0) 2451 / 91 57 081

Personal Contact Data

Andreas Hartmann
E-Mail andreas.hartmann@tiefdunklesweiss.de
Mobile +49 (0) 151 / 140 80 285

Tanja Hartmann
E-Mail tanja.hartmann@tiefdunklesweiss.de
Mobile +49 (0) 171 / 14 75 084

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