Impulse. Consulting. Workshop.

Corporate Change. Focus on People.

Acting as an unconventional consultant and as a provider of relevant seminars and workshops, tiefdunklesweiss aligns and tailors all of its offerings and events to the individual goals and realities of all its customers. All offerings reflect best and proven practices and generate concrete value.

Focus on People – taking this credo and self-conception serious, tiefdunklesweiss act as a strong impulse generator, a refreshing communicator and a personal coach.

Developing new competencies and self-motivated change, that is what we aim to create and sustain.

tiefdunklesweiss enhances its competence and capabilities spectrum via a professional network of external consultants and subject matter experts: tiefdunklesweiss Beraterwerk.

Beraterwerk merges a brilliant portfolio of personality, experience and skills and convince with superior flexibility and agility. It provides and secures the desired high level of multidisciplinarity and complementarity and advances an integral and comprehensive handling of each individual customer project.

tiefdunklesweiss consults and supports companies and organizations in the following topics:

  • Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • Brand-, Marketing- and Sales-Strategies
  • Innovation- and Technology-Management
  • Systems Engineering and Project-Management
  • Organizational Development

Benefit for your Enterprise.

From practice. For practice.

From practice. For practice. It is this conviction that drives Andreas Hartmann and his Partners in Beraterwerk to fully utilize and map their long-lasting and deep experiences in projects and organizations to the full benefit of our customers. Take your change: allow an external view, benefit from our experience and learn fast and sustained.

Addressing highest demands in ‚Marketing, Sales and Business Development‘, tiefdunklesweiss consults and supports organizations and their respective leadership/management teams in tasks like Strategic Planning and precise Business Development, expands into developing solutions for Brand-, Marketing- and Sales-Development and also includes aspects related to internal Organizational Development

Looking at the spectrum of demands in ‘Corporate Innovation, Conceptual Design and Product/Project Development‘, tiefdunklesweiss accompanies your internal organizations and project teams in all tasks and processes related to Project Management, Systems Engineering & Solution Integration, Qualification and Life-Cycle Support.

tiefdunklesweiss is not only your consultancy partner – instead, we’re willing to take extensive responsibility by performing concrete roles and tasks in your teams and projects.

The Formats offered.

Purposeful. Proven. Efficient.


Active knowledge transfer and learning experience stimulated by a trainer, deepened by open discussions and teamwork-practices.
1-2 Days, 8-16 Participants.


The mediation and the practicing of desired behaviors and skills. Keynote by trainer, reflection and analysis of own behavior and attitude.
1-3 Days, max. 12 Participants.


Led by a moderator, workshop focus and content provided by the participants. Develop ideas, solve problems and jointly gain new insights and skills.
0,5-2 Days, 6-20 Participants.

Think Tank

Under the leadership of a strong innovator and mentor, who questions the established and generates new thesis. Enforcing an open debate and exchange of positions and opinions.
1-3 Days, 6-12 Participants.


Individual and personal consulting and supervision by a selected coach, to develop and train desired new competencies and behaviors.
Multiple intervals of 2-4 hours each.

Business Consultancy

Holistic approach, oriented towards today’s realities and tomorrows possibilities. Increasing opportunities lowering risks. Leading support in implementing new strategies and measures of improvement.
0,5-6 Month.

Topics and contents at a Glance.

Concrete. Relevant. Honest.

All Seminar & Workshop offerings of tiefdunklesweiss can be found in the tiefdunklesweiss’ „Seminar- & Workshop- Catalog“. It describes the focus, content and format of each event, describes which relevant problems and challenges will be addressed and how an honest and self-critical learning process can lead to a lasting change of behavior and attitude.

In addition to this catalog, tiefdunklesweiss is open and willing to listen carefully to your individual / personal issues and concerns. tiefdunklesweiss will prepare you an individual offer - tailored to your needs. From practice. For practice.


Executive Board

Andreas Hartmann

Consulting and Engineering Services
Experienced Leader and Manager
Market- and Customer Focus
Innovation and Business Development
Research and Development
Modeling, Simulation and Training

Tanja Hartmann

Accounting, Controlling, Finance
Legal and Contracting
Organisational Development
Human Resources
Product- und Project Management

Head Office

tiefdunklesweiss GmbH

Wurmbenden 14
52531 Übach-Palenberg

Telefon +49 (0) 2451 / 91 57 081

Personal Contact Data

Andreas Hartmann
Mobile +49 (0) 151 / 140 80 285

Tanja Hartmann
Mobile +49 (0) 171 / 14 75 084

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