Security. Protection. Defence.

Protected Societies.

The fatal consequences that a natural or man-made disaster or terrorist attack could imply on a single region or on the world becomes more observable and scary than ever before.

Emergency preparedness and superior crisis management capabilities are mandatory to local governments, global security organizations, but also to those industries serving our societies with critical infrastructures and services.

Besides increasing organizations ability of working together and sharing resources, the education and training of the involved personnel becomes paramount:

tiefdunklesweiss develops and implement simulation-based concepts and solutions for future education and training in the public safety and security environment.

Military organizations are in the center of an ongoing and often painful transformation process. The consequent use of simulations and simulators will become crucial for the development, preserve and perfection of mission readiness.

According to this self-conception and as an independent, sometimes inconveniently partner and consultant, tiefdunklesweiss offers a wide spectrum of intelligent and focused services, always promoting the consequent application of modeling & simulation.

Services at a Glance.

Different Customers. Similar Need.

tiefdunklesweiss provides professional services for the following customer, addressing the below mentioned tasks and demands:


  • Armed forces and military organizations
  • Public authorities for safety and security
  • Critical infrastructure operators
  • Safety and defence industry


  • Forces transformation and operational readiness
  • Public safety and security
  • Protecting critical infrastructures
  • Modeling, simulation and visualization
  • Education, training and mission rehearsal


  • Consulting and knowledge management
  • Analysis and requirement determination
  • Studies, planning, experiment and verification
  • Concept and specification preparation
  • Design and development of training solutions

All these services are supported by and empowered through tiefdunklesweiss Beraterwerk.

Beraterwerk merges a very distinct and well selected portfolio of impressive personality and competencies together. It provides the desired and promised high level of multidisciplinarity and complementarity and advances an integral and comprehensive handling of each individual customer project.

Four Challenges. One Value Proposition.

Modeling and Simulation - Promising Enabler.

tiefdunklesweiss introduces modeling and simulation as a value proposition adresssing the following fields of activities:

  • Analysis. Concept. Verification.
  • Planning. Procurement. Project.
  • Technology. Development. Solution.
  • Training. Mission Rehearsal. Operation.

tiefdunklesweiss promotes and enables simulation-based services that allow to determine, visualize and analyze an organization’s capability portfolio, enabling to identify capability gaps, inviting to work-out alternative strategies and concepts for closing the identifies gaps, and finally enabling superior ‘what-if’ scenario experimentation and assessment.

tiefdunklesweiss support procurement agencies in their full spectrum of demands and activities. This includes market research, gathering of requirements, preparation of specifications and tendering documents and the preparation of alternative solution designs.

tiefdunklesweiss offers customer-specific innovation and technology monitoring/assessment and a solid and objective evaluation of products and services available on the market. This includes, but is not limited to, simulation and training technology and all of its applications. Based on individual customer demand, tiefdunklesweiss can offer concept design and professional systems engineering task to the degree desired by the customer.

As your advisor, solution designer and engineering services partner, tiefdunklesweiss applies all its specialist knowledge into the full range of simulation and training categories. tiefdunklesweiss will support you during the planning, design and implementation phase of your training system. Additionally, tiefdunklesweiss insures availability of high quality databases and scenarios, eases your life in day-to-day operation of all your training facilities and in every aspect related to life-cycle-management.

Simulation. Application. Benefit.

Understanding the social and emotional Dimension.

Protecting Societies. This is tiefdunklesweiss‘ performance bond and headline over and above all the services offered and the consequent application of modeling and simulation technology.

The significance and benefit, which can be unleashed by simulation technology, is very much unknown or underestimated in many markets, industries and use-cases.

As a result, simulation remains unused and the possible advantages and benefits get wasted.

tiefdunklesweiss advises the use of modern modelling & simulation techniques in an extended range of applications and market segments.

Applications range from analysis to planning, from experiment to verification and optimization and from visualization to decision support. Markets addressed, beside the experienced military one, are in public safety & security, critical infrastructure protection or in complex industrial manufacturing.

Please contact us! tiefdunklesweiss and tiefdunklesweiss Beraterwerk are your partners of choice supporting you in your challenging tasks and projects.

It’s our pleasure to answer your questions and to prepare you an individual offer!


Executive Board

Andreas Hartmann

Consulting and Engineering Services
Experienced Leader and Manager
Market- and Customer Focus
Innovation and Business Development
Research and Development
Modeling, Simulation and Training

Tanja Hartmann

Accounting, Controlling, Finance
Legal and Contracting
Organisational Development
Human Resources
Product- und Project Management

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