Systems. Simulation. Training.

Mastering Complexity. Mastering Missions.

tiefdunklesweiss has tremendous experience and a strong competence in most-modern Modeling, Simulation & Training solutions and services.

Combining superior expert knowledge with proven and valid experience, adding real and relevant innovations and searching for an honest and open dialog with customers and end-users - that is what generates the necessary success factors for developing and maintaining tailored and best-for-purpose training solutions.

These training systems qualify and generate mission readiness – the ability to master complexity and to successfully survive the most challenging tasks and missions.

tiefdunklesweiss is your partner of choice for all tasks related to requirements analysis, systems design and specification, project leadership and integration. These technical and system-oriented aspects of a solution will get enhanced by new business and operational models, covering flexible leasing-concepts as well as simulation-/training-On-Demand solutions, allowing users to access their applications and training via modern web-portals, any time and place, and paying an hourly fee just for the effective usage of the service.

tiefdunklesweiss advises the use of modern modelling & simulation techniques in an extended range of applications and market segments.

Applications range from analysis to planning, from experiment to verification and optimization and from visualization to decision support. Markets addressed, beside the experienced military one, are in public safety & security, critical infrastructure protection or in complex industrial manufacturing

Simulation and Training. The Categories.

Integrated Thinking. Connected Concepts.

As your advisor, solution designer and engineering services partner, tiefdunklesweiss applies all its specialist knowledge and competence in simulation and training into the full range of simulation and training categories:

  • Virtual Simulation (Flight & Driving Simulation)
  • Constructive Simulation (Command & Staff Training)
  • Live Simulation (Instrumented Real Equipment)
  • LVC-Hybrid / Networked Training
  • Serious Gaming Technologies / Gaming Engines
  • E-Learning (CBT, WBT and IPT)
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

tiefdunklesweiss is convinced that previous categories and definitions will fade away. Instead, hybrid training solutions and methods will become more important, combining the strengths and advantages of several past approaches.

tiefdunklesweiss will support you during the planning, design and implementation phase of your training system. Additionally, we ease your life in day-to-day operation of all your training facilities and curricula and in every aspect related to life-cycle-management.

Our focus will be on your concrete use-cases: our services are relevant to you, meet your needs, provide an objective and sustainable value and will allow you to concentrate on your own core mandates.

Services at a Glance.

Understanding. Developing. Instructing.

tiefdunklesweiss supports the design and implementation of simulation-based training with the following range of professional services:

  • Attendance & coaching of project-teams
  • Representation at governmental purchasers
  • Analysis and support of tendering processes
  • Studies and market research
  • Development of designs and specifications
  • Integration and qualification support
  • Drafting of operational concepts
  • Development of life-cycle-management concepts
  • Obsolescence management and modernization
  • Integrated business modelling and financing
  • Provisioning of training services / training support services

All these services are offered to tiefdunklesweiss‘ customers on the bases of an individual offer. They are always tailored towards the concrete use-case and respect each customer’s specific situation and need.

Additionally, tiefdunklesweiss is your partner of choice for enabling and executing modeling and simulation based concept development & experimentation (CD&E) initiatives.

The strong foundation - highly interactive and configurable simulation environments, enriched by powerful means for visualization and data analysis, will allow customers to reach a new level of realism, density and quality in tasks like capability analysis, concept development, what-if experimentation and assumption verification.

The essential Questions.

Building blocks towards successful Training.

There is a multitude of important questions related to the specification, design and implementation of successful training media and training programs.

tiefdunklesweiss will help you to answer these questions. As you adviser and engineering consultant, but also as a worthwhile resource in your project.


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Legal and Contracting
Organisational Development
Human Resources
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